"I Remember" lyrics


"I Remember"

All those summer nights
In the park drinkin' 40's
We were sitting by the fountain
Hanging out, sharing stories
Then the skins all came
So we'd all start fighting
Until the cops would roll up
And try to end the night, but...

What could they say?
What could they do?
We were just some kids
Running around with no rules

And I remember waiting
Drinking in the alley
Right next to the station
And I remember waiting
Driving around
I had no destination, with you
What can you do?

We were just kids when we headed down the hill
While everybody said we'd be dead or in jail
All those summer nights
Couldn't have been better
So I just said fuck it, man
We're gonna live forever

What could they say?
What could they do?
To bunch of kids
Running around with nothing to prove

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