"Medusa" lyrics



Featuring Kurt Travis

I will find a way,
To provoke a sense of hate within.
I will move the Earth,
And shift its weight on top of you.

There's no way we'll leave this place,
Knowing why we're here.
There's nothing left to learn.
There's nothing left to fear.

What a waste of breath.
An empty hollow shell.
A heavy bag of bones.
Time never heals.

I will take control.
There's no way we'll leave.
There's no way we'll leave this place.

I travel and how I scavenge
There's a morning to fill my throat with,
Yet no lungs scratch the nerves
And the need to never leave.
Fall back to the ocean
Of only salt and hungry mouths.
The empty days collect
Everyone you meet.

I will find a way back.

Thanks to Zack Morris for these lyrics

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