"Flip" lyrics



Featuring John Speck of The Fags

Woke up a couple hour before the sun that day
His eyes were feeling heavy as he made his way
Lit up a smoke, tried to shake it off
An hour more and back in baby's arms
He put the pedal down, tried to get ahead of that storm

Stereo keeping company, making good time
Road lullabies calling him across that line
A cup of coffee, burning through a pack
Not much further left to go
Drifting off as the heavens opened up
Come home
One man to witness the way that he'd gone

Dreamt of swimming under stormy skies
The sound of a thunder as I realize
He's going under in a panic I went down too
Sinking deeper into endless black
Hand reaching just out of grasp
Then gone
One man to witness the way that he'd gone

Woke up well before the sun rose that day
Heart heavy reflected in the skies so grey
The news hit me like a ton of bricks
Cut through me down to the bone
The heavens opened up and called a good man home
Come home
Come home
One man to witness the way that he'd gone

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