"Disconnected" lyrics



There's nowhere to hide when you're bored,
Familiar haunts, we tread the same boards.
Words don't scratch the surface.
Who are you? What's your purpose?
I reach out but there's all this space,
I can't connect with you, or this place.
I look up, the sky's bright grey.
There's no easy answers
but I know we'll find a way because...

I've been here before!

You know we don't like change!

The same sounds, the same faces,
I can see my eyes becoming jaded.

I've been here before!

The same sounds, the same faces.
All that I can feel is DISCONNECTED!

We will triumph, we won't admit defeat,
irony will lie dead in the street.
We all know the joke's on us
but we're still smiling because he who laughs last.

Thanks to Minty for these lyrics

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