"Lemon" lyrics



In the hottest day's sun you were naked smoking Kools.
In that lemon black sky, to this day I'm your fool.
And you say, "baby I'm your fool,
cause with all young love comes an even harder death, with you."
I'm starving this life when blue eyes
walks into these few hours I'll pretend I'm with you.
Please tell me, "I'm like you."
Can you hear me listen to a word I had to say?
Are they always laughing at an arms length away?
Please help me, everything turned blue.
Please help me before I turn blue with you.
Why am I here?
Don't slip.
Is it safe to say you're scared?
Is it safe to say you ran?
Is it safe to say you're scared?
Is it safe to say it's the end?
Where the hell are your friends?
Cause all my friends are all in my head.

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