"Incestuous Friends" lyrics


"Incestuous Friends"

Hold me Mom, I know we're lonely.
If there's no food at home are we starving?
Kiss all the girls, it tastes like nothing.
Leave well behind, live like you're blinded.
Look at you now, Dad.
You're dying.
Like all the friends I had, I'm lying.
And in your New York lives you'll be happy,
but you don't look like that much to me.
Guess what?
You're all alone, and that's what makes you like me.
I found out you're all alone, and that's what makes you like me.
You're like a fucking freak.
Goodbye world, I hope you're burning.
If it's not your fault, I know you can blame me.
Look at me now, I'm a picture of happy.
Look at me now, still pissing and moaning.

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