"Geeks" lyrics



And there's lots of people here
with perfect clothes and perfect hair.
I wish I was one of them.
New Years just felt like shit,
drunk with pills and no one to kiss.
I wish you were here.
It's just one of the things I can dream and dream.
And I wish you were here.
And we're not the same, we're just two fucking geeks t
hat wanna watch the world fold and tear.
I remember your underwear,
that nervous stare when we laid in bed.
I want to be there again.
We laughed loud at playful thoughts,
to fuck them up would be a nice thought.
I want to be there again.
But you don't talk like me.
And you don't look like them.
And you don't think like me.
So we both hate this place we both hate these things.
Don't you think I like it here?
And I wish you were here.

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