"War Widows Vietnam" lyrics


"War Widows Vietnam"

war widows vietnam
for you i'll shed a tear
wish every wrong from da-nang to saigon
would all just disappear
war widows sing a song
cry for their boys in blue
and the fucking disgrace of the american race
flown so far to you
i'll tell the tale about a bunch of children
from a small town just like yours and
just like mine, the blood like wine
i'll tell the tale about a bunch of virtue lost
and the collateral cost on our minds
in over 40 years of time
war widows vietnam
i sing these songs for you
we all belong to know these songs
from a vietnamese point of view
war widows vietnam
two hundred thousand dead
and the sweat in the palms
with the begging of alms
to stop the flag of red
i came to tell the tale about some killers
who conspired to inflict grievous harm
and they set the world to alarm
i'll tell the tale about these fucking killers
profiteers from the white house
to the fucking pentagon
war widows vietnam
no welcome home this year
just the shrapnel paid from the u.s grenade
that left you drowned in tears
war widows sing a song
about their boys no clue
or the fucking waste of their sons in a case
draped in red, white and blue

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