"Never Rest In Peace" lyrics


"Never Rest In Peace"

Hard persuasion, interrogation
They call it what they will
They just don’t call it torture
All the same it fits the bill
A man will tell you anything
When faced with pain and fear
While isolated separated
From all they hold dear

Tooth for tooth & eye for eye
Makes us all the same
Political war criminals
We elect and know their names

To police the worlds insanity
When at home there’s a mess
Where incarcerating innocents
Is the one thing we do best?
We must have these fucking criminals
All doing real time
No suspended-sentence cover-ups
For brutal wicked crimes

United States hypocrisy
Got straight A’s on the test
& our corporate corruption
Is quite simply the best
We’ll go down like the Salem Witches
Proven innocent
Then you’ll gasp the ugly truth of
Just how your tax dollars have been spent

& we’re so good at internment
It’s so hard to concentrate
Trading blood for oil
To construct our police state
Protecting the environment
Like our civil liberties
We’ll show the world our freedom
Beaten, gagged, bound & dragged
Forced down onto our knees

We didn’t start this fire
You never came in peace
Wide awake & chained in place
& stolen from their families
You’ve crossed the line again
With eager pad & pen
Coerced, undressed, inhuman stress
Tell us how & we’ll confess
Locked-up & thrown away
The key was never made
Another culture
To be scapegoated as mystery
Control by threat of fear
The same throughout the years
The puppet-masters profit
Throughout history
Suspicion leads to torture
Humiliation based on faith
Somewhere in a cell
Between Heaven & Hell
Will rise a vengeful wraith
These ghosts will lead the way
Until your dying day
Unstitch the seems
In your American dreams
From Guantanamo to Abu-Graib

You’ll never rest in peace
You’ll never rest in peace
Sun rises everyday
You’ll never rest in peace
You’ll never rest in peace
You’ll never rest in peace
Sun setting everyday
You’ll never rest in peace

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