"Where I Belong" lyrics


"Where I Belong"

I feel nervous and I don't know why, but all I had to do is try
Comething kept me away from you as another year went by
Every chance I got to see you, I'd drop all I had to do,
Told you I'd be a faithful child. But I got no reply from you

Everytime I'd help you up, you'd knock me down,
Well what's it like now that I'm not around?

Little girl don't need another friend, my patience has reached its end
Told you from the start
You owned my heart
But when he said goodbye
So did I

I'd think about you every day, even though you didn't feel the same way
Thought that I could have your love got down on my knees to pray.
You played with emotions, I even let you have my heart,
But when you said this could not be you tore my life apart.
Well he left you broke and all alone, don't come around cause I'm not home.

I never though of you that way, until you turned all my days gray
I never thought of you that way until you went away that day.

He went and left you high and dry, all the lonely tears you cry
Could not make me go back to you and when you know the reasons why.
You said you learned your lesson, you said you know you were wrong,
If love is blind well now I see that here is where I belong,
He left you broke and all alone, don't come around cause I'm not home.

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