"Pop Song (Green)" lyrics


"Pop Song (Green)"

there once was a boy, blue boy was his name
he liked a girl named green, she was totally insane
one day blue and green were talking
blue said "i was thinking of making a device that could mimic you in every way"
she said "that'd be nice, but do you hear me when i'm thinking?"
he said "no, but i wanna make a device that can do just that"

take chess for example the little pieces symbolizing
but oh, blue and green were locked and both uniting

let's write a four chorus song about you and me
send it to a rock and roll station
well call it "pop song, green"
we'll build a house, by a street where
water falls in two great pools and
we'll go swimming daily

i gotta have a little bit everything
to satisfy the minds of today, yeah
it's something called philosophy
they wrote the song, but we'll do it our way
i like difference and i like change and i
i like you when you're rocking my brain, yeah
some colors, they know what to seem
last night i had a purple dream

Thanks to Brandon for these lyrics

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