"Wretch" lyrics



Alone in this place, I stand in a corner of disgrace
For things misplaced, and the piece of mind I'll never find
Alone in this place left with a bitter taste, haunted by old mistakes
This fucking past I can't erase
Trying to make right, while sinking in a sea of wrong
Force fed shit for so long
Can't break the stigma, I keep doing wrong
Trapped in the shackles of my own mind, running out of time
Searching for insight I will never find

This fucking weight, it pulls me down
And no ones around
Can't hear my screams, can't hear the pleas
I need to be, set free

Alone in this place, my fate I've come to embrace
No longer need to escape
I await that fateful fucking fate
Had closure with some, I've outshone the sun
No longer ashamed of what I've done, not afraid to let it be
I know what I know, I don't wanna see, relief is here
I'm finally free
Alone I dwell, alone I roam
The path I'll go alone
The weight is lifted, I'm set free
No longer living on my knees
No longer aiming to please, the demons inside of me
The path I'll tread, I'll tread it on my own
Alone, alone, alone.

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