"Slow Burn" lyrics


"Slow Burn"

Thoughts weigh heavy
So heavy on my mind
My senses suffocated, how could I have been so blind?
With my hands on my head
I wish I were dead
And a head full of dread for all I've ever said
Does it kill you to know all the secrets I'll never show?
I've been down, but never this low.
What will become of me when these demons start to show?
Through those tired eyes do you see a broken man?

Can you empathize this pain, I know you feel it too.
Cause at the end of the day nothing else holds true
So, I'll slip like a stone across the sea,
To the nightmares I've lived, and the nightmares I'll see.
I'm left behind to wallow, my faith and cruelty combine
My chain of suffering. Just leave me behind.
In shadows I'll circle, in shadows I'll blend.
No lifeless echo, but a lifeless end.

The hands that kill form an illusion of peace.
But I won't be fooled by your pseudo security
I'll press my finger to the sand
And I'm drawing the line

I can escape my need for wrath
Come trial by fire, let it come...
You can't escape the scorching sun
The end has only just begun

See what they've done to me?
With my mercy at stake I fell to my knees.
Now cruelty my master, I do as I please.
Take what I want, I do what I need.

Thanks to little cholita 420 for these lyrics

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