"Bury The Blame" lyrics


"Bury The Blame"

Is it me or them?
It's hard to tell with these thoughts fucking up my head
It's killing me to say "I was wrong, so wrong. I'll just take the blame"
But I could never say it with a straight face
So I just hang my head in shame
I'll bury the blame and hang my head in shame

It was my choice to make
But it was wrong so I bury my head in shame
You'll always have me to blame
Don't try and find me because it will be too late

So now I'm losing my appeal trying to find better ways,
Something real only then I won't have to steal
Show me the way, promise me hope
I don't want to end up at the end of a rope
It might be, the only way I can cope

I'm a slave to my name... So much for hope.

Thanks to Juan for these lyrics

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