"Waste" lyrics



I can't wait for today to be yesterday, it's all a waste.
If I knew last night what I know now I'd stayed indoors...

And I hoped,
You would have called today,
The only thing,
That got me out of bed.

And every day is filled with nothing.
I keep waiting for something to happen.
Another day goes by without you.
I don't see a reason for this.

Don't remember what I told you last night, I'm such a mess.
The only thing that I know for sure is that I said too much.
I'm regretting it all, but I can't change what I've become.

Why can't I do anything right?
All I touch is turned into dust.

And I hoped you would have called today.
'Cause I need to hear your voice again.

I will continue wasting my life.
I don't deserve anything better.
My whole existence is so pointless.
Without you in my life I'm fading.

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