"Leaving" lyrics



Just wanted you to know that I won't cry when you're leaving.
Just wanted you to know how little I care when you're leaving.
And I can't see you off 'cause I'll be gone when you're leaving.

Is it too late to say "I am sorry"?
Is it too late to start all over?
It's not too late to try again.
Tell me we still got time for us.

I never thought, never thought that you'd be leaving like this.
Remember you saying "sorry, it got weird, and stuff..."
The only thing you said before you left me alone.
And I can't believe that you're leaving.

So skeptical at first, then it dawned on me. You're really going.
Didn't think it'd come to this, that I feared the day when you're leaving.

Again, all alone now.
Just trying to be strong.
What's the purpose of keep trying?
Just keep on acting,
Like all is fine,
When it's not.

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