"En Plats I Ditt Hjärta" lyrics


"En Plats I Ditt Hjärta"

What did I do wrong?
I've just been waiting here, barely living.
I think there was a time when I thought you would leave him.
Why did I go on thinking we could at least be friendly?
Why did I tell myself that you had feelings for me?

Once upon a time I had a will,
A fully reasonable will to go on.
Once upon a time I had a heart,
A fully functional heart of mine.

When you took my hand, I thought is this how it feels,
When someone you love loves you back?
But I know that,
You're only thinking of him and I don't have a place in your heart,
So that's why I'm leaving now.

What did I do wrong?
I've tried everything to make you like me.
But if you can't like me then I think that no one will.

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