"Du Har Glömt Mej" lyrics


"Du Har Glömt Mej"

I passed out on the floor
You were sleeping in my bed
You wanted us to share
But I was too drunk
How did we end up here
Where did everybody go?
I've only met you twice
It's all moving too fast

I never could have guessed
That I was in your thoughts
I never thought that you could like me
It never would have worked.
I'd only disappoint
And you would see I'm nothing like you

So I won't call 'cause I'm too embarrassed
So I won't call 'cause I am such a coward
So I won't call 'cause you won't talk to me
And you won't call me 'cause I'm no one

My only claim to fame: You were once in my arms
My only claim to fame: You were once here with me
You were once here

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