"Apart" lyrics



This won't end well, I knew that from the start.
I wish this could be something that would last.
But then it, it all falls apart.
And it breaks me in two.

My heart's been broken,
So many times before.
Just patch it up and try to move on.
Try not to think of you.

Just say the words and I will go away.
Try just being friends,
And honest I will try.
But it's all disintegrating.
And I'm falling apart.

Falling out,
Of it all.
Fall into,
Your arms.

But then I see you,
Standing next to him.
Suddenly so clear,
That I am nothing at all.
But it still hurts,
Oh, it hurts,
When you say: "we should just be friends."
When you kiss me and say: "it's okay to kiss a friend."

My heart's a train wreck,
From every time I've failed.
Just patch it up and try to move on.
But the mark you made won't leave.

I'm trying to leave you alone,
But you're always on my mind.

If you're alone,
Don't ever think of me,
I try and do the same,
Yeah, honest I will try.

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