"Through The Looking Glass" lyrics


"Through The Looking Glass"

We grabbed a piece of driftwood
hold on tight and please dont let go

we'll follow the waves to the nearest shoreline
wake up to the coast of some distant island in the south pacific
leave behind everything we once had
a brand new start with no one to tell us what to do
tomorrow will tell us that we can make it too
"and if that doesnt work?" you say
"we'll flip a quarter and find a new place to go
heads kansas city, tails California".

Never again stay within the boundaries of this town
step outside the barrier
and i dont wanna be the follower anymore
so take this string from out my back and let my feet be free again
i might stumble when i walk but at least i am on my own
and i wont say that it's the last time...
"it's the last time".

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