"Really A Wonderful Night" lyrics


"Really A Wonderful Night"

if anyone ever writes another song about you
if anyone ever sings another melody with your name in it...
just remember this:
1) did it best
2) and meant it the most

Those days we ran from class and went up to your room.
Thursday night at 9
we found the closest park,
this means so much to me
"how much does this mean to me?"

when the lights have all dimmed and no one seemed to stay

i saw you in the dark

and i said to you like i said once before.....x2

"my feelings are on the floor,
they are there for you to keep
to hold,
and to embrace them all"

so lets lock all the doors and cement the windows shut
no one will get in to...
"ruin our wonderful night"
if you just look up through the cracks in the ceiling,
where the water drips down
you could see-
they let the moonlight in just enough to see your face and thats all i need

Thanks to ALLiE for these lyrics

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