"It's Never Too Late" lyrics


"It's Never Too Late"

Now i've got it all planned out
how im going to win you back
first- i'll drive 2 days to see you
second- show up to your door w/ roses behind my back
third- i'll say how much i can't live without you,
"you know i cant live without you"

breathe in the cold air
it smells like every winter night we spent in the snow
maybe im just a little crazy, but...
nobody's perfect
and every night i want to see fireworks with you,
but even in my dreams
i know this cant come true

though here i am at your doorstep
"wont you ask me to come inside?"
it's been 11 months since we sat on your couch...together
and you never knew how much
i wanted my hand on your knee
now please tell me how we feel so apart

can i fix it now?

this cold leather couch could be our starting ground
and the truth will be told
so tonight the light on the street wont be mine

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