"Capturing A Conversation" lyrics


"Capturing A Conversation"

it's the way she...
sings to me on the phone.
even though she is ignoring me

i dont care, i really never cared at all

if that's her way of torturing me,
let me sit in this dungeon for 10 lifetimes

it's the way she's a knock out blow in the first round
and when i wake up from this daze
i'll still look for her hand to lift me to my feet
so, "hey could you help me out here?"
im just looking for another moment in time with you

"and me...if you have better things to do...
i can accept that"
don't you always have better things to do?

But when i make a promise i cant keep
dont hold it against me
show me where your heart is
show me it;s ok to put myself out on the line
a simple conversation could save you alot of time
but it's just a matter of minutes to see who prevails
how could i ever get any words out of you?
it;s so fuckin' hard
"am i really that bad?"...
or has this story been played out way too long?

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