"A Southern Belle" lyrics


"A Southern Belle"

we could have skated through winter
if..i just kissed you then
mistakes i made by not falling head over heels
for you on icy ponds
and your grip on my hand could have been tighter
as we listened to Martina (McBride)
in the back seat

"and i remember now, how i felt then"
so i'll reply those nights in my head
now i can still feel the shiver in my knees
and your hand on my back
the party down the street is getting old
so maybe, just maybe
i could chase you around cars outside your house
or have a chance to look at the stars
through a blanket of trees

but, the February breeze is coming on strong
so "take my jacket" and we can sit on these steps
"talk about anything"
"cause whatever you say will mean everything to me".

Just forget how i pushed my way in
i just wanted my foot in the door
if...(once again) you remember me now
it's all been worth it

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