"Polished Chrome And Open Kitchens" lyrics


"Polished Chrome And Open Kitchens"

Envision a city in transition,
revere the recognition of everything your life's been missing.
Listen, our spacious proposition,
the perfect place to live in, with polished chrome and open kitchen.
Join me to dwell in the genuine smell of the shops and the clubs at the cities heart.
Copies of Vice and a latte on ice oh the bagels are nice they just fall apart.
a multi-story for the car, they do magners on ice at the bar,
there's a guy in the shop with a Fred Perry top and a purple electric guitar.

I've never seen this land before,
I've had a taste and now I want more my destiny is calling.
You got no choice reduce the noise.
Girls and boys make room for us.
Whatever, you'll never, defeat us read it in the letter.
Pack up and get out.

Given, the price of our admission
has regrettably risen so while you mull on that decision...
Innovative office solutions are superior to alternative clothes retail.
The rent that you pay for your stall
would at least be doubled economically this entails a wholly unviable sun.
Property is at a premium.
Our deepest regrets but your computer says that your shop can't continue to run.

It's gonna be so new, so cool, the city-centre mecca for you.
And you can be here too, it's true it's better when it's shiny and new.
But the sound of the crowd gets so loud, when do people sleep in this town?
If you keep me up late I regretfully state, take a walk,
the time for talk is over, shutting them down.

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