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Well I could smell him as he lay in the dark,
The bitch ass stole my flame,
Saw it before it came,
Well now its cool but I just took it to heart (too hard)
And nothings ever gonna be the same,
So thank the Lord for Mary Jane.

You know it seems like yesterday, that motherfuckers got hell to pay.

Well I could feel him as he watched from the door.
I know it broke him when he saw
(But I) couldn't pretend anymore (so I)
traded in a little body heat for a week in the wild.
I guess I had to be a bitch, to scratch a seven-year itch.

Hell to Pay.

And I'm drowning without you here,
The fire's gone cold and without you I disappear,
Don't waste your time,
Don't waste your life,
Because when the sun comes up,
I'm still here.

I saw the Cuckold coming could have fought but wouldn't risk it,
Jumped down the fire escape and made a hasty exit.
I wasn't gonna be waiting about.
I'm the Cuckold and I'm gonna be taking you out.
Make no mistake that I'll be seeing you in the future.
Hearing me say you know those antlers really suit you.
Hang me high in the hall of shame.
Oh my God it was good and I'd do it all again.

Good things come and go you know I'm not so naive as to expect our love,
As true as turtle doves, to extend into eternity,
but infidelity came creeping up on me.

Yesterday, Hell to Pay.

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