"Back 2 Skool" lyrics


"Back 2 Skool"

Who is the kid with the coolest trainers on?
Who's getting ripped cos they got the label wrong?
Who said that he said that she was a slag
because she kissed with the boy on the bike and tongues'll wag?
Who's keeping up with the kid that got the tag?

I'm waiting for the bell again.
Well but you're not it, yeah but you want it, tick and you got it.
Running to keep up again.
Well but you're not it, yeah but you want it, tick and you got it.
Catch them once.

Now I'm singing the sound of all these songs upon the radio,
and now I'm laughing aloud at how the kids can be so cruel
and now I'm stifling down my screams
and shattered dreams to make the team,
I guess I'm back at school.

Who read the part of the picture book
where they swear they don't care what you wear or how you look?
Down in the playground they're dressed like lady muck.
Who pissed on the girl in the back of the tour bus?
Back in the disco they sing to the chorus!

It's gonna be a party, what you gonna wear?
Everyone'll be there, life just isn't fair.

Sent out with the boys and the girls in the big wide world
and well I took a look and found my way underground.
And soon I knew you never leave the playground.
Catch them once. Catch them twice.
Catch them three times. Never gonna get them in the end.

Thanks to Welund for these lyrics

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