"Soldier 76" lyrics


"Soldier 76"

1775 was the shot heard 'round the world
Minute men were called to arms
To declare our independence
Thirteen stars and the red, white and blue
Revolution the cause, revolution so true
One by land and two by sea
Defeat the Redcoats who tax our tea

The musket clouds were acrid
but the banner still waves
They fight for our freedom
And they'll fight to the grave
From Bunker Hill to Old Ironsides
The pride of the fleet
The spirit of 76 is something you can't defeat

Soldier 76 did you die with pride
For freedom and the cause
Soldier 76 did you hold the banner
So true and dear to the heart

With battered muskets and makeshift shoes
They fought for our right, our right to choose
From Cops Hill to St. Lo
The crosses stand as sentinel
The fought for our freedom
And they still fight from the grave
And to fight for our freedom isn't a shame


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