"Skinheads On The Piss" lyrics


"Skinheads On The Piss"

Skinheads on the piss we got nothing better to do
When we're nice and drunk we might come looking for you
It makes no difference of what you think or say
Keep yourself to yourself or on the pavement you will lay

You come home beat from work and polish up your boots
Grab a beer and meet up with the lads
You know you're gonna get wasted drinking with the boys
Are you feeling a bit strange is the booze building in your veins

Out here on the streets we're the boys that can't be beat
You know we're the unstoppable force and there will be no remorse
A billyclub to the brain there's no stopping the red rain
Are you feeling a bit strange
Is the aggro boiling in your veins

Welcome to the skinhead mind there is no evolution
This working class life is my only solution
Take your rave music and shove it up your ass
We play music for the working class


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