"Point Of View" lyrics


"Point Of View"

It's 6 o'clock as we watch the human ants come home
Suit and tie and a 30 year mortgage loan
Computerized work, what a laugh
You can stick it up your ass
When the world comes crashing down
Don't you dare blame it on the working class

Just a working kid with his back to the wall and his ass is on the line
Give him a job and give him a beer and he'll be doin' fine
Another day with a shovel and blisters on his hands
We all know the end is near so fuck their master plan
All the doors are slamming, it's a trip to nowhere fast
The train ride to oblivion, just a nowhere task
It's been 50 odd years since the computer revolution
And still the men in power think it's the final solution

You hold it all back, find yourself sitting at some bar
Pound down another beer, just trying to bury all the scars
There's no shame in losing your job and now your on the dole
20 years of shit go by and you're still in the fucking hole!!!!!!!

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