"Life And Times" lyrics


"Life And Times"

On a quiet Sunday afternoon
The boys came marching home
They left a bloody fucking mess
On all who were their foe

For months they marched
They marched for months
Only to be betrayed
By the media fucking cunts
They say we've dug our own grave

They can't keep us in check
Our right we will defend
Portray us as hooligans
We will fight you to the end

You work all day
All day you work
And you come home fucking beat
So it's down to the pubs to have a laugh
And maybe a beer
You know it's just a matter of time
Till we get kicked out of here


Now some they cross the picket line
And turn the other cheek
Others become domesticated
Feeble and weak
Some say its a test of time
We all know this to be true
For a bootboy has great strength
And he won't run from you


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