"Here Comes The Bus" lyrics


"Here Comes The Bus"

The bus is getting closer
And you have to go
I’m forced now to wait
Another week to see you again
Sadness in my sight
Bitterness in my thoughts
There must be a way
For not being like this

I’m listening your voice
But only on the telephone
I wait for you on Friday
To eat a big pizza
And enjoy life

Universal history
Introduction and theories
What is the meaning of this
There is no fun for us
I hope you’ll be fine
Although I’m not
I hope it will be useful
This fucking situation

Close your eyes and start thinking
I am beside you
Telling you
Let’s get out of here
I just want to see you now
But you are so far away
So I just write
This simple song

Here I am one more time
I’m still waiting for you
Here comes the bus

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