"Foolishness In The Air" lyrics


"Foolishness In The Air"

little time ago if you said something a soldier kills you if you raised your voice immediately a rifle shut up you the people who survived talk about inhuman acts without a doubt it was a hard life that they had to withstand maybe you think the things have changed I have to tell you my dear friend this is not true they have modified their way of act instead of killing us they don’t let us think television is the most fucking greatest weapons all the shit that you see everyday in the fucking screen is to get your attention out of what really matters who’s going out to protest if everybody’s watching TV maybe you think the problem is not really serious I have to tell you my dear friend this is not true if you live relaxed without trouble this means nothing at all maybe people living in misery is not your fault is the fault of the leaders of this fucking country politicians and businessman are filling their pockets while your attention is on sports bullshit in a life controlled by the media when I breath I just breathe foolishness I hope this song gives you a brand new real face mask for you to can start to organize the media is an another ministry from the fucking government of shit yeah!

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