"Cap Peaks To The Sky" lyrics


"Cap Peaks To The Sky"

what would happen if you don’t have money to buy all those things of basic need that you need to survive go out to the street looking for a bit of charity people is so selfish they don’t give a piece of bread and now is time to lunch our first option the supermarket we have to loot if the guardian is really human he doesn’t betray us otherwise we are going to end up in jail we don’t give a fuck because this situation will never end cap peaks to the sky people very similar to you but with a lot of less options spread this idea without poverty my friend there is no money-crime second option to a person we have to assault he doesn’t have any fault but he will cooperate it sounds very awful but this is our real life eaten up by the drugs they don’t let us think we don’t care if we have to kill from little our children start to consume drugs that later they won’t distinguish anymore between the good and bad of this fucking shitty life forced to continue this never-ending poverty cycle cap peaks to the sky you become bait when you see them on the streets and because you follow the idiot mass you think the same old shit and you call them criminals one day this will stop there will be equality the day that you awake and stop withstanding seeing so much misery so much injustice this day will be when we see the state’s downfall.

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