"Don't Say" lyrics


"Don't Say"

I hide my love away and its never coming out.
No one will realize that it just hides in me.
I don't say everything I want to.
I march to these drums that keep constant time.
Telling me which way to go and how to live
but I don't want to live on a line.
I don't say everything I want to.
I'd like if you said something about me
besides I'm looking like I lost weight.
I'm good, I'm great, I'm perfectly straight.
I just don't say everything I want to.
She had a hard time taking compliments.
So I forced them down her throat like a fresh box of mints.
I sailed my ship and caught her a couple more.
I weighed them out and I brought them to the shore.
"Please kind sir these things I cannot pay you for.
Just use them today.
She might be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow."

Thanks to Trevor for these lyrics

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