"Hard To Colour" lyrics


"Hard To Colour"

Newschool is what we’re called today
There’s a whole generation trying to walk on its own
Useless is what the old men say
They are sick of watching us
Tumble before we fall

They are the masters we are the plan
And we’re forced to follow the rules of the generation act
Rejected orders from a rejected youth
It’s so hard to colour when black and white define the room

We are strictly watched by - strictly watched by
The old masters and their old plans
That have spent a lot but wasted time
They are sick of watching us try and try but we fail

The present speaks no more black and white
Dip our words in colours and paint it on each wall of the room
The voices that we haven’t heard before
Are ringing out now in these, these great halls
That our fathers once have built

Thanks to chris for these lyrics

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