"Z-Boys Vs. Taliban / Tips For Youth" lyrics


"Z-Boys Vs. Taliban / Tips For Youth"

If you've got a pool and some rockin noise
Give a call to the Dogtown Boys
Open the drain, pump out all the water
And get set to witness a backyard slaughter
A bit of beer drinking, a little dope smoking
Give the last rites to the tiles and coping
Drop the Z-Boys in Afghanistan
To skate pools and destroy the Taliban
Fly the troops overseas on Air Hosoi
Led by Colonel T.A. and General J-Boy
We pour concrete on the Khyber Pass
They parachute down and beat terrorist ass
Bin Ladin acts like he ain't been laid in quite a while
A Paul Hackett double grind carve could erase his stupid smile
Goat meat, a hibachi and a pocket full of cash
Motel pools of Karachi and Lebanese hash
Sarlo, Polar Bear and Marty Grimes
Could make the Al-Qaida pay for all of it's crimes
Shogo and Red Dog will lead in the charge
We're sorry the hit list has to be so large
But we need to make our point, so there won't be any doubt
We've got to kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out
The Mid-East must open all of the closed doors
To let in angry materialistic whores
Who've taken time out to come to these distant shores
To put a final stop to the heroin wars
So let us get on with our grim bombing chores
Expect nothing, you'll get everything.
Some people are so scared of what every other shitbag thinks about them.
People know what the right thing to do is, but they refuse to do it
because it might require giving a hand to a perfect stranger,
keeping them from sitcoms, the big game, or whatever.
Yes, this sucks and everyone knows. The sheeple struck again.
This week it's hip to be American. You picked up a cute little flag at Starbuck's.
You're such stupid fucks. Now there's a war. What were you before?
Recreational drug use is a dead end. So is watching too much television.
Don't believe everything you read in the papers. Respect your elders.
Flush the toilet. Wipe all piss off rim of bowl.
Remove all pubic hairs from soap bar before exiting bathroom.
Clean snot and toothpaste off sink. Rinse your dirty dishes.
Clean up your room. Do your homework. Find God.
Tie your shoes. Pull up your pants. Buy American.
Pull up your god-damned pants.

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