"Weaverville Woman" lyrics


"Weaverville Woman"

Look at that beaver dam!
Weaverville Woman, Weaverville Woman
She lives at the bottom of a hill
Way up north in Weaverville
Weaverville Woman, Weaverville Woman
I love her so
Much more than Bipolar Girl or YoYo
Her kids are the bomb
And I love her mom
Bonnie, Cathy, Donald, Ethan, Donna, Vegas
She always means well
She's got a heart of gold
After God made her
He broke the mold
Always helping people
She's unbelievably kind
A lovelier woman
I could never find
Weaverville Woman, Weaverville Woman
Her rack is full
Her complexion fair
There is a red shade in her hair
She's got freckled skin and full red lips
I like being touched by her fingertips

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