"State Of The State" lyrics


"State Of The State"

Ignorant people and the L.A. Times endorse racial quotas and affirmative action
If you don't they depict you as a criminal mind
from a radical right wing extremist faction
You missed the Holocaust and you never owned a slave
and you live on the street, not a cotton plantation
But they'll tax you to death, 'til you go to the grave
because an Escalade driver wants reparations
That's the state of the state, it's all fucked up
Every panhandling bum on the street has athletic shoes and a fucking sag
The man on T.V and the people you meet say
you're homophobic if you're not a fag
Illegal aliens living high on the hog
in the latest styles with a new cell phone
You paid for his car yet you live like a dog,
working your fingers right down to the bone
All these other place like Oregon, Arizona and Colorado have good bowls in their parks
We could too if all of our money wasn't spent to bankroll narcs
How can you blame the kids for wanting to get high
When you look at the crap they've got to skate it just makes you want to die
The money we spend on the lottery was supposed to fix our inferior schools
Since that hasn't happened the least they could do
is build us some empty swimming pools
Convicts in prison just sit on their asses
yet still they get three hots and a cot
You're working your ass off and always taking classes
but an empty wallet is all you've got
Since you learned to crawl you have looked for a wife
and clung to a dream of owning a home
But you can't provide even yourself a good life
so you are rejected and left all alone

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