"Poor, Poor Me" lyrics


"Poor, Poor Me"

There is no way I'll ever win
I got a brain but it's full of shit
Aim high land low
Don't know why I aim at all
Put these fucked up expectations on me
You don't like how I am -leave
I'm not perfect I'll be the first to admit
If you think you're perfect you better suck my dick!
Ruin everything I see
Destroy what I need
Fail on any that loves me
Hour late, dollar short, story of my life
Oh god another day
I didn't finish what I started yesterday
Should I hang my head in shame
And lie to myself as if I care
Or should I laugh my way through it
Like I do with everything else
Ha ha ha, the joke's on you
I'm happy, you're screwed
So you think I'm a failure
Well I've got news for you
I think I am now what
I tell you I'm fucked
I try to do well, I try to succeed
But I can't tell the difference between trying and greed

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