"Mortality Blues" lyrics


"Mortality Blues"

Everybody I know is gonna die
Everybody here is gonna die
Everybody in the world is gonna die
Everybody up north is gonna die
Everybody back east is gonna die
Everybody overseas is gonna die
Everybody down south is gonna die
Everybody in New York is gonna die
You think you oughtta be allowed to live
Cuz you say you've got so much to give
Whether by quaaludes and alcohol
Or getting tossed over the falls
Finger in the socket in the pouring rain
Shooting a tad too much cocaine
Falling asleep in a black widow nest
Driving your car off Angeles Crest
O.J. Simpson, Ellen Degeneres, Bill Gates, Cal Worthington,
Barbara Boxer, Madonna, Rick Kosick, Osama Bin Laden is gonna die
Larry H. Parker is gonna die,
all the honkies, surfers, all the bikers,
all the gearheads, all the jocks,
Jerry Adamo, Gary Coleman, Gish Thaxton, Danny Bonaduce,
Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Rick Bain, Britney Spears,
Howard Stern is gonna die, everybody is gonna die!

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