"Inglewood Heroin Morning" lyrics


"Inglewood Heroin Morning"

She went north on Hawthorne Boulevard
From where she lived in Torrance
Her junky buddies met her at West Boulevard and Florence
They telephoned a beaner, whom they said would have the best
Twenty minutes later all their chins were on their chest
She was with a guy from Trinidad
A welder, name of Lester
She met him at the corner of La Cienega and Manchester
It was an Inglewood heroin morning
She had a needle in her arm
It was an Inglewood heroin morning
One day she's gonna buy the farm
A block away was where she went
When she had gone to cop
So she went to fill her cooker up
Out behind the donut shop
Her veins were shot but he was a genius at the art of registration
For a minute or two she engaged in intravenous masturbation
Her chances seemed 50/50 she would be the victim of a murder
But she was geezing with him in the bathroom at the Astro Burger
They went to see the ponies run at Hollywood Park
But U-turned out of the parking lot when they saw an undercover narc
They found a peaceful place to fix and she said, "this is where it's at."
She cashed in her chips on the shitter in a Lennox laundromat

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