"Fugitive Surfer" lyrics


"Fugitive Surfer"

The policemen are looking for you
While you're surfing at Malibu
They want to send you back to the joint
You're trimming on the tip at epic 1st Point
High and tight on the ol' 10'4"
Back at home the cops are kicking down your door
While you eat wheat bread and an avocado
They're rifling through your wallet in your Eldorado
Fugitive surfer on the run
Fugitive surfer summer fun
Makin' the most of a bitchen summer
When they catch up to you it's gonna be a bummer
Cruisin with some hippies in an old Land Rover
The man can't wait 'til the party's over
The crime lab's looking at your bottles of beer
As you ride a big set wave down to the pier
The feds have the handcuffs on the shore
You gotta surrender cuz you can't paddle anymore

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