"Driftwood Nights" lyrics


"Driftwood Nights"

Walteria's got you covered
If you're looking for a place to stay
It's between Lomita and Redondo Beach
On Pacific Coast Highway
It's a hotbed of illicit activity
Everybody's always hetting high
It's close to Punta Sal and Mr. S's Liquor
Next door to the Psychic Eye
The manager will tell you your room is swell
Just pay your rent and try to stay well
Welcome to Torrance's living hell
The Driftwood Motel
The dumpster's always overflowing with trash
And empty bottles of vodka and wine
Alcoholics and addicts in every room
And there's a stripper down in number nine
It's got palm trees, bamboo and a volcanic fountain
And a fabulous swimming pool
There's a bus stop to get you to the methadone clinic
The amenities certainly rule

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