"Dope Fiend" lyrics


"Dope Fiend"

Once upon a time in a far away land
there lived a little feller who needed a hand
He wanted to be happy but he just couldn't cope
So he got himself a hobby, shooting dope

Hola soy el gavacho nescesito chiva
tengo malia sesenta diez minutos
en 104 y doty por favor

He love the way the junk made him itchy and warm
A little bit of blow could make the police swarm
He mixed them both together and he found his calling
He had a full time career now, speedballing

Buenos dias que onda cincuenta de blanca
ochenta de negra 111 y freeman cinco minutos
Muchas gracias

Several years later he had no more feelings
He supported his habit by conning and stealing
For the thrill of paranoia he shot cocaine
and black tar heroin to kill the pain

Es juan credito por favor
Anaheim y fries ahorita voy a tener
el dinero en martes pero estoy muy
infermo horita

Every dime he had in smack he invested
Smoking lots of crack and getting arrested
When it came to being free he was starting to fail
His home away from home was the county jail

Warrants up the ass
Burnt connections cops everywhere
Running on empty
Pawnshop local estas policia

Sometimes he'd take a shot and get a seizure of paralysis
Probattion, parole or a random urinalysis
He planned to spend the rest of the century
locked up in the penitentiary

Hopelessness terror desperation
Dope fiend
Jails institutions and death
Waiting for the dope fiend

When he wasn't behind bars or in rehabilitation
He was trying to stay well or having a hallucination
When his mother saw him she always cried
Then one night he almost died

Psycho comatose from an overdose
Fuses blown
Burning brain going insane
Crazy train

Well he begged god for help because he knew he was licked
He got a sponsor and took the steps as soon as he kicked
Much to his surprise his life was not over
It had only begun when he finally got sober

Living it up a day at a time the solution
Trust god clean house help others

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