"Dead End" lyrics


"Dead End"

My dear loaded friend
Please hear what I'm saying
You're not gonna win
At this game you're playing
You'll go straight to hell
If you go anywhere
I tell you this
Only because I care
Slow down friend
Your wicked ways you've got to mend
Hit the brakes my friend
You're headed for a dead end
You're pulling the wool
Over everyone's eyes
When you say that you're clean
While you savor your highs
Yes, you are slick
And I'm just a fool
But the Devil
Is gonna take you to school
You knew you were losing the game you were in
When you had to do time for heroin
You turned to the Lord and you got salvation
But you thought it would be different with some medication
After your completion of a famous rehab
Your doctor prescribed you some Loritab
It helped your anxiety and general pain
But the pilot was ignited and now you're insane
You say it's from a doctor so it doesn't count
You have a real prescription for a medical amount
You speak sober lingo but your eyes are pinned
You'd suck my cock for some Vicodin
Like so many before, you developed "bad back"
And to cool it down, took a chunk o' smack
One day at a time you sell your soul
Submerged in denial, you're out of control
The real things in your life are up on the shelf
Like most of us, I guess, you've got to find out for yourself
You don't want a square telling you what to do
The rules of the road don't apply to you
But when I look in your eyes, my heart gets the knife
Cuz you made a wrong turn on the road of life
I'm only trying to flag you down my friend
Pull over, turn around, you're headed for a dead end

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