"Chino" lyrics



Rotting in the county jail will drive you insane
So I got myself a sentence and I caught a chain
None of us kids was gonna make a fuss
We were all glad to be ridin the bus
You take the 5 to the 60 to the 71
You get off at Central and your hard time's done
Take my county blues, I won't be needing those
I got directions to my cell and a fresh set of clothes
"Holiday In Cambodia" was runnin through my head
For a minute I was thinking I'd be better off dead
Screaming Mimi's getting butt-fucked all night long
We're all brothers- Can't we all just get along?
2500 Abel 6, day after day
It felt so good to finally get away
We're so hopped up on dope, we're dead from the neck up
We're gonna get a whole bunch of dental work and costly medical check ups
Gotta watch your back or you might get stuck
Because a lot of these freaks don't give a fuck
But all the kids are going to school
Or working a job, so it's really cool
We all get to learn a useful trade
We're gonna blow all our ducats when we get paid
For a nickel a day I do my task
Removing asbestos without a mask
It's the gateway to the majestic San Gabriels
Far from the beach yet packed with seagulls
The sweet smell of cow shit is in the air
Views of Mount Baldy from everywhere
The guard is asleep up in the rifle tower
Taco and Veneno hide in th steam and shoot up in the shower
I'm so glad I didn't O.D., and end up dead
Cuz I'd had never learned to play golf or sit down and eat this beautiful spread
After swimming all day in the Olympic pool
We're gonna get a tattoo from an inkslinging fool
The oldies station's playing dedications
From the girls in Frontera who are on vacation
Saturday night at the old chow hall
They're showing a movie, then we're playing handball
All the kids are out walkin the yard
Smoking pot, drinking pruno and trying to look hard
My name is D-75205
I gotta keep my number alive
Cuz Veneno gets visits four times a week
Keestering coke, smack, pot and tweek
When he whips that clavo out of his ass
All the kids know we're gonna have a blast
I'm gettin' paroled for the summer y'all
But I'll catch a new beef and be back in the fall

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