"Bums On The Street" lyrics


"Bums On The Street"

Bums on the street
Tend to be lazy fucked up jerks
Bums on the street
If you call their bluff they're not willing to work
Bums on the street
Some of them were once big wheels in NA
Bums on the street
They've chosen the easier softer way
With an outstreched hand and puppy dog eyes
About two percent are for real, the other 98 are dope fiends telling lies
Placards refer to veteran status
Does the public owe them, or are they lying?
They claim they have a family to feed
And they can't find a job, but they're not even trying
Bums on the street
Some used to be big-time sales reps
Bums on the street
They refused to be bothered with taking the steps
Bums on the street
Generally tend to be left-wing cynics
Bums on the street
Discuss politics at methadone clinics
They're willing to work for food
Only a saint's sign would say "God Bless"
Somehow I think we're getting screwed
The sidewalks and bushes are a fucking mess
A high percentage are heroes of war
They fought for your freedom but can't find jobs
Content in the role of a panhandling whore
A vast army of piss-soaked slobs
Bums on the street
Shooting up in the bushes or holding a sign
Bums on the street
Want cold hard cash for a bottle of wine
Bums on the street
Some have grave emotional and mental disorders
Bums on the street
Replaced by desperados from south of the border

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