"Baby-Faced Movie Star" lyrics


"Baby-Faced Movie Star"

Baby-faced movie star
Smokes a lot of crack
Baby-faced movie star
Gets a lot of slack
That faggot judge from Malibu
Just won't put him away
He gets to drive around on smack
Every god damn day
He blows parole with guns and coke
In a hotel in Palm Springs
If the justice system wasn't such a joke
He'd have to stop doing these things
Baby-faced movie star
Shoots a lot of smack
Baby-faced movie star
Gets a lot of slack
His lawyer says he's groovy
He shouldn't be made to fail
He wants to be in a movie
So let him out of jail
People say he's got a good excuse
It's all his father's fault
Years of drugs and child abuse
And weekends with Charles Kuralt
Baby-faced movie star
Sucks a lot of cock
Baby-faced movie star
Rocks around the clock

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