"You Decide" lyrics


"You Decide"

Destiny bends and breaks upon the weight of my modern mind.
Intelligent design, knee jerk from the loyal divine,
a superficial final effort for their faithful decline.
I followed nobody, I spoke my mind,
trying to find out something real in everyone I touched.
I guess I have failed.
Free to speak my mind, liberated,
no longer confined, my voice not yet defined.
Strong enough to stir up raging tides one percent.
Go fuck yourself.
Keep their products on their shelves,
yeah keep their products on their shelves.
I'm in the longest line,
I got limited time to change a fucked up state of mind.
Are you still relying or D.I.Y.'in?
It's all pointless conversation.
I'm not amused, boring and dumb,
you seemed confused when I bit your tongue.
When you place your life in destiny.
What makes you think you have a say?
No fucking way man, if it ain't your way to liberate your mind.
Liberate your mind, let your thoughts just flow like the ocean,
abandon state of blind. Tonight.
And of you go develop a complex,
not knowing what to do what to do next.
Some people spend most their lives.
Not knowing what their willing to die for.
You decide.

Thanks to rob for these lyrics

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